Critical Thinking for Generative AI.

Automatically debug, evaluate, and score LLM reasoning traces with Logikon’s tools and metrics. For faster development and reliable deployment of your advanced LLM apps.

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⭐️ Enhance LLM observability

Automatically reveal and score the (hidden) reasoning steps of your LLMs.

⭐️ Accelerate app development

Get instant feedback on reasoning quality when developing your LLM app.

⭐️ Self-correct in the loop

Supercharge your AI agents with logical reasoning analysis grounded in critical thinking frameworks.

⚙️ Insightful analytics

that describe and evaluate reasoning traces.

⚙️ Rich artifacts

that reveal and visualize argumentative structures.

⚙️ Custom config

that lets you choose metrics, expert models, integrations, and more.

📖 Open source.

100% open source, built with ♥.

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